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  • PERP Administration Application
    • Member Name:
    • Additional Usernames:
    • SteamID:
    • Birthday:
    • Time Zone / Country:
    • What days will you be available?:
    • Were you referred by an Administrator?:
    • Please list the name(s) of the administrators who referred you:
    • What is the job of an administrator?:
    • What can you bring to the community?:
    • Do you have previous administrative experience?:
    • If yes, where and which gamemode(s)?:
    • Do you have a working microphone:
    • Have you read the requirements and the process of becoming a administrator?
  • Jailbreak Administrator Application
    • Member Name:
    • Steam Name:
    • SteamID:
    • Time Zone / Country:
    • What is your age?
    • Do you use/have a working microphone?
    • Have you previously staffed on a server? If so what was your rank on that server:
    • What is your playtime on our server?
    • What is your Garry's Mod Playtime?
    • Have you been recommended by a staff member and if so which staff did so?
    • What do you think the role of an admin is?
    • Why do you want to be staff on the server?
    • What can you bring to the community?
  • StarWars Administration Application
    • Member name:
    • Steam name:
    • Steam ID:
    • Age:
    • Time Zone/Country
    • Primary Language
    • Secondary Language(s):
    • Days that you are available to play:
    • What's the job of an administrator?:
    • What can you bring to the team?:
    • Role Playing name:
    • In-Game time:
    • Is your record clean?:
    • Do you have any other apex server records?:
    • Other servers you have been an administrator on:
    • Staff references:
    • Do you have a working microphone?:
    • Year of birth:
    • I have read the terms and services and I have read the rules of the server:
    • Other general information: