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  1. Rule Suggestions

    Both rules accepted. 3.13 Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. 1.8 Advertising is not permitted.
  2. Rule Suggestions

    Rule Suggestions This topic is for rule suggestions and so should be used if you: Would like to see a new rule added Would like to see an existing rule removed Would like to see an existing rule edited Please comment below specifying with as much detail as possible in your rule suggestion using the template below: Rule: Explanation: Why I feel this rule should be added: Suggestions Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden Accepted Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. Advertising is not allowed.
  3. Favourite music?

  4. Favourite Garry's Mod Gamemode

    JB and Deathrun
  5. Fruit Chats

  6. Suggestions / Bugs

    Edited for zyn as he could not do so by himself. Thanks for informing us about these points zyn.
  7. Favourite music?

  8. Favourite music?

  9. Favourite Book

    Who needs books when you're the quiet one in the group chats.
  10. Fruit Chats

    Apples, oranges, bananas, plums, kiwis ect all in the fruit bowl but can't leave that watermelon exposed
  11. Favourite movie?

    Hmmm - Rogue One - HP - Order of the pheonix - Suicide Squad - The Dark Knight Honorable Mention: Final Destination 3 - watched it when I was 6, the sunbed scene scarred me for life. Dishonorable Mention: Insidious because Carlooo
  12. Warden Guide

    Excellent guide Zyn!
  13. Ulasso11 Staff app

    Denied Your behaviour on the server and response to staff is totally unacceptable. Your attitude towards other players is not what we are looking for in a staff member and so I have no choice but to deny you. Additionally you have not used the correct template for the jailbreak application and your playtime on the server as of right now consists of 1 hour.
  14. McMilkman's Jailbreak Administrator Application

    Accepted Congratulations, you have passed step 1 of the application process! Please come and see me on teamspeak later for the interview process.
  15. Xile_Trymoss's Jail Break Administrator Application

    Denied Little to no effort into your application. On the server you tend to be rude to other players and so your maturity needs to improve before I can consider taking you in as staff. You may re-apply in 2 weeks.