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  1. Alcoholism bringing the people of apex together

    neither will she lol
  2. Alcoholism bringing the people of apex together

  3. Sherlock_APEX's Jailbreak Administrator Application

    Wow, so when you get bored you decide to repost an application?! Try these instead: 17 Things to Do When You Are Bored
  4. Speaking in LR

    Well yep as merkster said when the LR begins it takes into account the rule from the start of the round (CurTime - JBStartTime). This has to be atleast 30 and so LR practically acts as if it is the start of the round. This can most likely be fixed by exempting LR from the 30 second rule.
  5. Sherlock_APEX's Jailbreak Administrator Application

    Denied Whilst I like your character Sherlock I unfortunately do not think you ready for this position. Much of this reasoning does come down to your maturity which of course is mostly due to your age and as the requirements of staff state, you must be atleast 14 years of age. When I see you on the server most of the time I see you in spectator, not taking effort to actually play the game. You also did not fill out the last question in the application template.
  6. Rule Suggestions

    Both rules accepted. 3.13 Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. 1.8 Advertising is not permitted.
  7. Rule Suggestions

    Rule Suggestions This topic is for rule suggestions and so should be used if you: Would like to see a new rule added Would like to see an existing rule removed Would like to see an existing rule edited Please comment below specifying with as much detail as possible in your rule suggestion using the template below: Rule: Explanation: Why I feel this rule should be added: Suggestions Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden Accepted Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. Advertising is not allowed.
  8. Favourite music?

  9. Favourite Garry's Mod Gamemode

    JB and Deathrun
  10. Fruit Chats

  11. Suggestions / Bugs

    Edited for zyn as he could not do so by himself. Thanks for informing us about these points zyn.
  12. Favourite music?

  13. Favourite music?

  14. Favourite Book

    Who needs books when you're the quiet one in the group chats.
  15. Fruit Chats

    Apples, oranges, bananas, plums, kiwis ect all in the fruit bowl but can't leave that watermelon exposed