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  1. Abuse of power 2 (last got deleted)

    10/10 would report again. Thanks for your input Mark Edit: The reason is given in your own screenshot btw. Just saying you know..
  2. Cuphead: the game!

    I have no clue since I have not played the game. Would you recommend it? And why?
  3. Troll application. Denied to save our managers time.. Feel free to apply again in FOUR weeks.
  4. Jailbreak APEX Weapon Pack Bug

    Thanks for your post Phantom! Sucks you can't see the weapons. Could you check your subscription to this addon: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=674707844 ? Have you tried actually deleting the addons from your addons folder so Steam re-downloads all of the content required for the JB server? Edit: Seems the error is on your side. I just joined the JB Server to check and all the guns are (still) there for me. Let me know how your re-download went (: Make sure to delete the addons with a closed game and all that good stuff.
  5. [NEW] Tab Menu UI [NEW] Changed Spectator Controls Cycle through players using your Primary Fire and Secondary Fire (Left and right click for most) Change spectating mode using R (another key to cycle back will be added with next update) Ability to spectate in Free roam, third person and first person [NEW] New emoticons added like Kappa and Illuminati [NEW] Last Request locked for maps or ranks [NEW] Deaths can no longer talk to the living using in-game chat [EDIT] Last Request give new guns [EDIT] Personal messages are blocked for muted players [EDIT] Warden ammo box gives ammo for all guns [EDIT] Guards no longer spawn with weapons [EDIT] Improved trivia answer check [EDIT] Extra admin shortcuts in tab menu [EDIT] Tab menu shortcuts can now be used for spectators [DELAYED] Trivia takes 10HP for every wrong answer [DELAYED] Fix for wardenqueue sometimes glitching out [DELAYED] Fix gun glitch I will be releasing a hotfix on all delayed features. My plan is to release this at the end of week 41.
  6. hello

    I feel awkward now.. Someone said Hi to me.. HELP!
  7. My Introduction

    TRIGGERED. Welcome to Apex! I must say the HL2RP is kind of new to me.. I guess congrats on your promotion?
  8. Warden queue.

    I will be working on a hotfix for later this week.
  9. Logs

    Then we will look into this and make sure it's fixed with next update (: Could you explain to me why the logs in the report system is clumsy/untidy? I would actually say the logs in the report system work better than bLogs. All you can see is the logs involving the reporter/offender so you don't have to go through a full list of logs. Ofcourse every system can be improved so if there are log types or other changes you would like to see feel free to post them in a suggestion. Edit: ForbiddenQuantum is tasked with making sure the reporting sytem and most importantly the log system is working for everybody. Please contact him directly if you encounter any issues (:
  10. Logs

    Logs are with the reports though? If you encounter bugs you can post them on here. What bothers you about the console logs?
  11. Suggestions

    The managers are able to view this through the portal. We will be working on adding the personal messages to the report logs. This way staff can only see personal messages if someone gets reported. Muting should block people from using psay (!p <name> <message>) with next update. Topic locked.
  12. Making it better 102

    Added with next update. Closed topic.
  13. Scoreboard.

    Loading screens are to my knowledge just webpages. This means you can automate this.
  14. Scoreboard.

    Are we talking about the Loading screen or the Tab menu? If you have any suggestions for the latter please check Slack Carlo (:
  15. Favourite music?

    My lazy sunday morning video