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  1. The new gamemode will be announced on the forums soon.
  2. Makes sense considering PERP was pretty dead before IC came back up?
  3. Community CSGO Tournament

    Yea I got the bracket made but its on my work computer when I get their today Ill post it and the times.
  4. Community CSGO Tournament

    OK I will announce the final teams and bracket tomorrow in which I will also announce the date. Get your teams in now!
  5. Community CSGO Tournament

    I'm giving people until 9/10 to get their teams in and then Ill pick a date. Prizes will include VIP and even Steam games. Ill give you guys the exact prizes soon.
  6. Sherlock's Introdution

    People have started work and school we aren't denying the server is dead, we just don't need that negative shit on the forums for everyone to see. PERP and other Serious RP gamemodes are seasonal gamemodes, people will play all the time during the summer and around brakes, but during school time these gamemodes always die. So if your basing your assumption that the server is dead because of what your looking at now, you gotta look deeper.
  7. Community CSGO Tournament

    It'll be taking place over a few days to allow EU people a chance to play. Thinking maybe starting the 10th.
  8. Dear APEX players! Building off the idea of EU's CSGO tournament we will be hosting a community wide competitive CSGO tournament. We will be having double elimination bracket style tournament you will be allowed to pick your own teams of 5 people each. Each match will be played on the communities dedicated server which I will setup soon. The map rotation, prizes and dates are also being decided as I'm writing this but I decided to put this up now to allow you to start making teams. If you have a team already decided and a name please reply to this with the roster and name. If you would like to just be placed on a team feel free to say so and Ill place you on one. REGISTERED TEAMS garland owls shookya pham steben teb triggerboat Team 2 fbamonte55 jorrin99 burnsd03 Meester Eliminator IF YOU'RE CAUGHT HACKING, ITS AN INSTANT GLOBAL PERMANENT BAN.
  9. [PERP] Event Details

    i expect 129 players or server will be shut down
  10. I apologize (To lab and everyone else)

    learn to get a sense of humor
  11. hi could you move this to spam plz, thanks from RXD_APEX

    stop stalking me RATter
  12. hi could you move this to spam plz, thanks from RXD_APEX

    video is probably a RAT too
  13. hi could you move this to spam plz, thanks from RXD_APEX

    What does that have to do with anything?
  14. hi could you move this to spam plz, thanks from RXD_APEX

    im good dont really like RATs on my computer