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    Warden Guide Need to know keys: F2 - Team swap F4 - Claim warden / Warden Menu C - Warden markers Before we get into what to do in a round lets get the basics right: Guards can team kill - It is against the rules for guards to kill each other You must have a mic - It is also against the rules to not have a mic and to claim warden You cannot claim warden and make the round a freeday - Once again it is against the rules and just don't claim warden if you want it to be a freeday Only wardays, hungergames and hide and seek days continue after your death Last guard kills all does not apply to warden - Normal guards have the luxury of slaughtering prisoners when they are the last one left, wardens don't Wardens may pardon prisoners - If a prisoner has rebelled (e.g. picked up a gun) the warden may allow them to re participate Speak clearly and calmly Know the rules What is classed as rebelling? Having a gun Being in a restricted zone: A roof, a guard tower, a vent, helicopter, armoury Not following the warden orders Leaving the prison Now, here is what to do in game to be a good warden: Keep the situation calm - If there are lots of people talking, make 'mics for prisoners KOS' and tell guards to only speak in emergencies (e.g. a prisoner on the roof) Control your guards - Ensure that your guards are actually doing their job and helping you control the prisoners Use the way points (C) - When you are a warden you can hold the key C (unless you had rebound it) to get a selection of markers Use the F4 Menu - When you claim warden you will also have access to the F4 Menu, use it! Do different days - Prisoners are more likely to rebel if your day is boring, I have compiled a list of different days below Know your phrases: 'No detours or delays' - No going off course or moving slowly 'Freelook(ing)' - Look around 'AFK Freeze' - Do not touch your keyboard or mouse (be frozen) 'KOS' - Kill on sight' 'RDM' - Random Death Match 'Stacking' - Prisoners inside each other 'Last Request' - A prisoner will get a request from an F4 Menu or a last request if they have not rebelled 'Armoury' - Where all the guns are stored 'Main cell area' - Where all the cells are 'Wardens Office' - The Office above the armoury 'Helicopter' - Above the wardens office (on the small roof) 'Main gate' - The gate near the Simon Says machine 'Famas Room' - The small ATC where the Famas spawns 'Health Room' - The room with all the beds where you can heal yourself 'Freeday' - When warden is not claimed by 9:00 or the warden dies it is a 'Freeday', prisoners may do what they want, accept rebel Different days for wardens: At the beginning of the day say 'Today it is a (Lava Day)' then follow with the corresponding sentence New unheard of days: Building contest - Prisoners will be split into teams of two, spawn creates 3 for each team (F4 Menu) and tell them 'The team who stacks the 3 creates first, wins, go!' Musical Tables - Prisoners must dance around the cafeteria tables until the warden says stop and one table will be eliminated, when that table is elimated the warden must spawn a box on the table, so the prisoners know not to jump onto it Explosive parcel - The warden must get the prisoners in a circle and spawn in a box for them to pass, set a timer (on your phone ect...) of 5 - 10 seconds when the time is up whoever is holding the box dies Whats in the box - The warden must decide what is in the box (e.g. a freeday for the rest of the day or death) and the prisoner must say if they want to open the box or not, they get what is in side if they accept if not what remains in the box will continue to the next prisoner (e.g. the freeday) Highest spray (Only for a small amount of prisoners) - The warden will line up the prisoners and say 'touch and face the wall.' Now get the prisoner to get their spray highest on the wall, the highest gets LR Find the object - Place a box or a blockade somewhere around the map (not a KOS zone) and the first prisoner to find the object will get LR Shooting days: Warday - 'Today is a warday, every guard go to the wardens office and the prisoners will need to get guns and attack us' Hungergames day - 'Today is a hungergames day, all guards to the wardens office, cells will open at 8.30 and I will then turn on friendly fire' Hide and Seek - 'Today is a hide and seek day, all guards stay in the armoury and the prisoners must hide, at X the guards will hunt and kill you!' Inverse Hide and Seek - 'Today is an inverse hide and seek day, all guards go and hide, cells will open at 8.30' Zombie day - 'Prisoners must crouch at all times and may punch guards, guards you may only use your fist!' Cell days: Bed day - 'Every prisoner must be on their bed by X otherwise they are KOS' Lava day - 'Every prisoner must be off their floor by X otherwise they are KOS' Execution day - 'Every prisoner must hide in their cell by X otherwise they are KOS' Cell divider - 'Every prisoner must be on their cell wall by X otherwise they are KOS' Kill your cell mate day (Turn on FF in the F4 Menu) - 'Today is a kill your cell mate day, if there are more than two of you in one cell you are both KOS!' Lined Up days: Joke day - 'Every prisoner must think of a joke by X, if your joke is bad or you do not have a joke, you are KOS!' Talent day (Spawn a box in the F4 Menu) - 'Every prisoner must stand on the box and show me your talent, if it is not good enough you are KOS!' Trivia day - 'I will ask a random question, whoever gets the question right will choose who dies' First reaction last reaction - 'First reaction last reaction is a game where if I say first reaction the first person to do the action dies, if I say last reaction the last person to do the reaction dies How strong am I / Compliment day - 'Prisoners, you must one by one tell me how strong I am, if it is bad or your can't tell me, you are KOS' Red light, Green light - 'When I say green light you must go, when I say red light you must stop, if you are still moving when I say red light you are KOS, last one to the other wall is also KOS' Simon says - Warden must say 'Simon says I am Simon' and then proceed with the game How did you get here - 'Prisoners must tell me how they got here, if it is good, they survive' Other Days: Duck Hunt - 'All prisoners must jump off the diving board, one by one the guards will use their secondary's to shoot one bullet per prisoner' Football - Split them into two teams 'Everyone go into your goal, I will come over to the red team and I want you all to punch me once so you have red tops. When I say go each team will run for the ball and the team who scores first wins, the loosing team is KOS' Volleyball (risky) - You must give every prisoner on the volleyball court a deagle to shoot the ball back and forth, first to 3 will win. Military day - Everyone sentence has to end with Sir or Ma'am or KOS There are lots of machines around the map that you can take the prisoners to Watch experienced wardens before claiming warden, it will make your days smoother and more interesting
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    I have seen quite a few people who don't know how to change their name on the forums so I decided to make a little manual on how to do it. This manual will contain some pictures in case some of you still don't understand it. Step 1. Go to the top right and click on the triangle next to your name. This will open up a menu. Step 2. Click on "Account settings". This will bring you to the settings of your account. The page will look like the picture underneath. Step 3. Click on "Display Name". Type in the desired name and click on save. And there you go you changed your name on the forums. Well done! I hope this manual was useful. - Carlooo
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    Changed all guns with the following new weapons: Frag Grenade Smoke Grenade C4 Shotguns Silenced USP and M4. Press E + Right click to put on the silencer Throwable knife by pressing R when equipped Increased difficulty of the drones race LR All guards are now frozen when playing the fight ring LR Warden ranking system Guard time-outs Increased guard armor New commands: check if you have new commands by typing 'ulx help' in your console Increased queue spots for donators Decreased queue spots for regular players Added scoreboard click options for admin and above
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    HI it's Sherlock and I will be making a new admin menu for PERP! Nykez may not allow it (I don't know if he will) but I am still making it
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    Hello, We will be having events all day Saturday, with the main events being firework shows insight of Labor Day. Staff memebers will also be hosting events such as hide-n-seek, vip escorts, demolition derbies... etc Firework Showtimes: September 2 3:00pm EST September 2 5:00pm EST September 2 7:00pm EST - optional There also will be a update released Friday night addressing some issues, as well as new content. I hope to see everybody on!
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    I noticed that # (hash) doesn't show up in admin chat, nor do " (speech marks) and I'd like to be able to use them so if this could be corrected that'd be great . It might also be useful to add a command which unfreezes and returns a player (IE the opposite of !fteleport)
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    Here's a couple of suggestions of things to be added to the pointshop : Playermodels Daffy Duck Fairy Odd Parents Pugga Maximus Tom & Jerry (Jerry may be a bit small so maybe don't add him) Mickey Mouse Gardevoir Mr Meeseeks Gangbeasts Hagrid Left Shark Teletubbies Playermodel Creepy Doll Baby May (Pokemon) Luna Rosa Cyberman Red Alloy Playermodel Davy Jones Greninja Anthro Tiger Star Guardian Lux Megaman X Bender (Futurama) Professor Farnsworth Hats Beret
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    I would like to see some form of logs that does not require the usage of the console, such as in legacy apex the Jailbreak server used blogs with great success. It would be handy if you could just search up the name of the victim or offender. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/1599/billys-logs-revamped-blogs-logging-system
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    My suggestion: Get a Top 10 scoreboard on the loading screen. This could be time based or score based. The players will try to get to number one and will have a goal to reach.
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    Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden
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    I think it would be good if we did a daily reward kind of thing where if you play every day you get points or something like that like we used to do with the calendar also i think it would be good to if donators maybe could instead of vip or whatever they donate they could have a name of their choosing.
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    In no particular order: Riverdale FRIENDS Pretty Little Liars How I Met Your Mother Gossip Girl
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    The ApexGaming Jailbreak server uses an addon called "SprayMesh" which means that you do not use the traditional method of changing your spray! The first step in doing this requires you to upload the image which you want to turn into a spray to an image hosting site, such as imgur. For this tutorial I will be using imgur. From this screen, you right click on the image, and click "Copy image address" (This may differ if you are on a browser other than Google Chrome.) You should get a link like this "http://i.imgur.com/5tziXWr.png" Take of the "http://" or "https://" and make sure it has a file extension on the end (e.g. .jpg, .png). This should leave a link like this "i.imgur.com/5tziXWr.png" Then you go in game, press F10 or ` to open the console and type "SprayMesh_URL " and then paste the link. It should look something like this "SprayMesh_URL i.imgur.com/32dz5lE.jpg". Press the Enter key and it should change your spray. Then you can press G and use your spray! To see more information about spraymesh, in console type "SprayMesh_Help".
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    Jeffrey the jelly fish #TeamJELLY
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    Playermodels: Dobby Dobby 2 Lord Voldemort Dumbledore Lucario Gnome Chompski (For the ones who love the small playermodels) Friday the 13th - Savini Jason Pauline Red Red 2 Undertale Undertale Red May Pokémon Olaf DC Deathstroke Stan Lee The Walking Dead Clementine Iron man Gandalf Mr. Meeseeks Star Wars Master Yoda Star Wars Darth Vader Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Star Wars Darth Maul Toy Story Woody Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Bowser Cat Bowser Yoshi Mardoka Playermodel Luigi Peach Toad Dr.Mario League of Legends Jhin Shrek Swampert Sceptile Pedobear Hats: Clementine's Hat Mario's Cap Mario's Cap (Super Mario Odyssey) Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen's Hat Pirate Hat Gun: Nyan gun (Why not )
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    Daily reward - Already been suggested, but a small reward would draw more people to visit everyday Steam group reward - A reward of something like 10 points to get people more involved with the community and would help advertise the community (would be on peoples steam profile) Forum sign up reward - Also to get people involved in the community, people should get a 10 coin reward to sign up on the forums with thir steam account
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    I'd like to see some kind of Grouping that can be used with commands (i.e. Teleport) so that the entirety of the guard team can be teleported at once (something like !teleport {guards})
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    CSS Textures - These errors consist of map errors 1. You need to obtain the Counter Strike Source textures (buy CSS) or search for the files on google ('Garrysmod CSS Files') 2. Once you have the file, extract it using winrar (or a different zip extractor) 3. Go to your steam library 4. Right click on Garry's Mod and click 'Properties' 5. Now click 'Local files' and proceed by clicking 'Browse local files' 6. Double click on the 'garrysmod' folder 7. Now double click on the 'addons' folder 8. Drag the extracted 'css_content_addon_apr2016' file into the addons folder 9. Restart your game if you have it open Workshop items - These errors consist of playermodel errors or gun errors 1. Click the link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096481458 2. Click the green plus icons on each item 3. Wait for them to download and restart your game (you need your game open for them to download) Always remember to restart your game!
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    Rule Suggestions This topic is for rule suggestions and so should be used if you: Would like to see a new rule added Would like to see an existing rule removed Would like to see an existing rule edited Please comment below specifying with as much detail as possible in your rule suggestion using the template below: Rule: Explanation: Why I feel this rule should be added: Suggestions Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden Accepted Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. Advertising is not allowed.
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    You must not shoot through cell walls - To prevent RDM on execution days ect... guards must not shoot through cell walls Advertising - Obvious rule but might be worth adding
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    Let there be a favourite music topic too. What is your favourite music? Show me what you got! Post your favourite music below!
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    Of course it depends on the fruit and the actual individual fruit, all fruit are different in different stages of ripeness and shape and size, we aren't all the same.
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    I'm going to steal and adapt the threads started by @Forbidden Quantum and @Carlooo (favourite TV show and favourite movie respectively) by asking you what your favourite BOOKS are! Comment below with your responses!
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    Great guide Zyn! You can really see that you put alot of effort into making this. But one minor thing. Hide and seek also continueus after the warden dies.
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    Rick and Morty, Modern Family and Riverdale are good shows.
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    I'll dm you bb, but on a serious note and will make me look stupid but what do you mean you're redoing the admin menu exactly?
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    I personally love the one we use already. It's fine. I mean go for it I guess, nothing stopping you. DM me on steam when you get a chance. I'd like to see this first hand if you're okay with that. (Once you're done however)
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    thank you it was so shit before, im sure with your creative genius it will be an amazing feat after you are finished
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    Hey y'all, my name is firedodger, I'm a Firefighter/EMT, and I'm an alcoholic here looking for a good perp community. Ever since Imperial Community (if anybody here remembers that) shut down I've felt like there was nothing in comparison and really just went away from gmod for a while, but I'm hoping I can start getting back into seriousrp and your community looks to fit the bill. I've had gmod since 2010 but I've only really been playing it since 2012. I hope I can meet some new friends and grow as a player with this community!
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    Okay PlaiN, I think you must of mistakenly used the PERP template rather than the jailbreak one for applying for staff. Denied From what I have experienced on the server, I feel you need to improve on your attitude. The way you respond to staff can become inappropriate and judging from this application as well as several other instances on the server I have witnessed that you can become quite unprofessional as well as a certain situation that happend where you became quite volatile and proceeded to call a few of my staff "corrupt". I would like to see improvements in your behaviour with a more positive attitude on the server before considering re-applying in the future.
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    I'm team whaleshark!!!!!! If there is still place
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    Since it is event day all day tomorrow we will be releasing a update. Props can be be locked (F) [Disables pickup] Props can be now be destroyed (Mostly basing props) New police armory GUI State-trooper warrants work properly now Car explosions now causes fires Moonshine now sells for $3500-$5000 depending on market Tickets now store virtually and must be paid off at the county clerk. (Nexus) Sheriff dupties can now unlock police doors Vehicle Trunks finally finished up (Shift+E) 370z will now work as intended Weapon: P250 Weapon: M4A4 Weapon: Smoke bomb Weapon: Auto shotty Hope you all enjoy!
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    Please could we get the old bb weapon pack back as those guns were fairly balanced and more realistic compare to the default jb ones, ive also had people say ingame they want old weapons back.
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    Put me in team jellyfish please
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    +1 Your a fun person to play with and I have not ever seen you break a rule. I think you can be a good Admin.
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    who the fuck cares in all seriousness one of the less retarded players, would maybe trust with regular scissors instead of safety scissors
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    Who cares if its a rat or not dont be a pussy just download I fucking do it all the time
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    hey friendos those who know me also know that im a grade A memer ha ha i love me a good maymay amirite i made this the other day after watching my all time favorite show for satisfying my pedophilia, mofukin Kids React. as i was watching the memes just kinda came to me and i felt that a greater being was forcing me to visualize these meme-concepts onto an mp4-type media. ok pls enjoy ha ha https://my.mixtape.moe/fyddst.mp4
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    Before Half Life 3
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    Jailbreak Rules 1. General Rules 1.1 No Racism, Anti-Semitism or Homophobia, these are bannable offenses. 1.2 Do not ghost (giving away ‘valuable’ information to alive players when dead). 1.3 Guards and prisoners CANNOT use weaponry when inside a vent/passageway to damage any player who is not inside the vent. 1.4 Do not camp the upstairs area in the infirmary. 1.5 Spamming down your microphone and text spam is forbidden. 1.6 Slander is not permitted. 1.7 Do not troll e.g. "type quit smoking into console". 1.8 Advertising is not permitted. 2. Prisoner rules 2.1 Last request cannot be completed if the prisoner has rebelled in that round (the warden can pardon a prisoner and allow them to claim LR). 2.2 Prisoners are KOS if they break and/or go through a vent. 2.3 Having a gun makes you KOS unless the warden states otherwise. 2.4 Escaping during evacuation makes you KOS unless the warden states otherwise. 2.5 If as a prisoner you have escaped you must actively rebel (this includes no camping inside vents). 3. Guard rules 3.1 No RDM (Random Deathmatch aka. No Random Killing). 3.2 Guards must ask a prisoner to drop their knife and if the prisoner does not obey they become KOS. 3.3 Guards must always obey the commands given by the warden. 3.4 Guards are unaware of (and therefore unable to use) vents (and/or hidden passageways) without seeing an alive prisoner use it beforehand. 3.5 Guards must not freeshoot (shooting prisoners without a valid reason). 3.6 Guards cannot camp inside the armoury. 3.7 Guards must not surf on-top of prisoners heads. 3.8 Guards must not open the cell doors unless the warden instructs them to do so or if the day is a free day. 3.9 Guards must ask for the warden permission to close the cell doors. 3.10 Guards are allowed to pick up weapons from the roof, the truck by evacuation, the famas room and guard towers. However they are not permitted to equip the secret weapons from the location by the cafeteria guardtower, the pool, ventilations and the toilets. 3.11 Guards must not stand in the way of a prisoners last request e.g. no-scope battle. 3.12 If the warden makes it an execution day and a prisoner peeks, the guard can then enter that cell and kill the prisoner who peeked unless the warden states otherwise. 3.13 Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers on execution day. 3.14 If 'Last Guard Kills All' occurs then the guard must actively search and kill prisoners. 3.15 'GuaRDM' is not permitted. Whenever the warden turns on friendly fire the guards must not kill one another unless it's included within the day. 4. Warden rules 4.1 As a warden you must not make the round a free day. 4.2 New commands issued by the warden do NOT override existing commands - the warden must explicitly state that the previous command has ended. 4.3 If a warden dies and a new warden is appointed then the original warden’s commands apply and it is for the new warden to explicitly state that the commands have ended. 4.4 The warden must have and use a working microphone. 4.5 "No detours or delays" will have to be said for any movement command towards the prisoners if you want them to not detour or delay. 4.6 Last guard kills all does not apply to the warden. 4.7 As warden you are not permitted to assign a prisoner as warden. 4.8 Do not spam the same day when claiming warden, try your best to make it different from the last. 4.9 You must not perform the day "shoot or don't shoot". 5. Last request rules 5.1 Last request must be fair for both guards and prisoners. 5.2 If the last request is seen to be unfair by the warden/guards you are asking then it can be rejected. 5.2 Custom last requests can affect the current round but cannot affect the next round. 5.3 Last request cannot be completed inside a kos area (e.g. guard tower). 5.4 Last request (including custom last request) can be completed if the warden dies and the prisoner did not rebel. 5.5 A prisoner cannot ask in a custom lr for a guard to give them a gun. 5.6 Last request must be chosen by the prisoner within 40 seconds of receiving it. 5.7 Custom last requests should not last for long periods of time. 6. Free day rules 6.1 If the cell doors are opened after a warden has been appointed but before said warden has given a command, as long as there is reasonable grounds to believe that the warden will give a command, then it is NOT a free day but it is the job of the guards (including the warden) to regain control. 6.2 It will be a free day if at 8.30 a guard has claimed warden and has not issued any commands. 6.3 It will be a free day at 9.00 if a guard has not claimed warden. 6.4 Guards are allowed to follow prisoners on a free day. 6.5 The last prisoner alive on a warday is not permitted to have a last request. 6.6 The last prisoner alive on a hungergames day is permitted to have a last request if they have fought other prisoners and not attacked guards.