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    We will never reach the standards of asian dad requirements tho
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    Damn, guess i'm stuck like the rest of you then. ):
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    I'm sorry to tell you that this bottle of "smart water" will not make you any smarter. Scammed.
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    Definitely not an empty water bottle in the second picture.
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    Greetings everyone, I'm back and heading the newest APEX Gaming project, DarkRP. I'm looking for community input for things like: Adding a leveling system for the police and gangster ranks What types of things you want to be able to do overall What cars you want to see What map you want What weapons pack(s) you want on the server I'm really leaving this one open to the community to see what everyone here wants. Everyone's opinions will be taken into consideration! Looking forward to your suggestions, Jake
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    Bob and I where discussing if we should change platforms of communication, and as part of my pledge I have decided to put it to a vote of the community:http://www.strawpoll.me/14372987 Please make your input into this as it will be brought to the next meeting
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    As most of you should know, Cuphead is now out and available to buy! It's a boss-wave style game with hand-drawn animation and a increasingly difficult bosses, with some run and guns which you can do to get coins. If anyone has played it besides me, what was your most annoying boss? I'm still on World One trying to deal with Hilde and the Frogs...their final stages are goddamn infuriating. Most annoying to least annoying: The frogs > Hilde > Forest Follies > Blueberry > Potato patch.
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    Very true! But I use a keyboard instead as it's easier and it means I can shoot all the time.
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    Buy a protective case for your controller before launching the game.
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    Member Name: RXD_Nylez Steam Name: BlueBerries SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155827336 What is your age? 11 Do you use/have a working microphone? Yes Have you previously staffed on a server? If so what was your rank on that server: na I aint What is your playtime on our server? 50hrs What is your Garry's Mod Playtime? 1269hours Have you been recommended by a staff member and if so which staff did so? Na i havnt What do you think the role of an admin is? In my opinion the role of an admin is to make sure that everyone is following the rules while not interrupting the game for the fellow players. I personally think that any admin should always do there job and treat it like a job. The job of an admin is to also sort out any reports there are even if it's a report on one of their friends and to also make sure that the server is peaceful and under control Why do you want to be staff on the server? I personally want to be staff as I have been on the server and there were rule breakers but there were no admins online (or they were Afk) so the rule breakers wern' t in punished. I want to be there when nobody is so that they get what they deserve and there is peace among the server. Despite my age, I have watched and have seen how and what to do as an admin and ye while I can have a joke I can also be serious and mature when needed.I can bring peace among the server.