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    • CSS Textures - These errors consist of map errors 1. You need to obtain the Counter Strike Source textures (buy CSS) or search for the files on google ('Garrysmod CSS Files') 2. Once you have the file, extract it using winrar (or a different zip extractor) 3. Go to your steam library 4. Right click on Garry's Mod and click 'Properties' 5. Now click 'Local files' and proceed by clicking 'Browse local files' 6. Double click on the 'garrysmod' folder 7. Now double click on the 'addons' folder 8. Drag the extracted 'css_content_addon_apr2016' file into the addons folder 9. Restart your game if you have it open   Workshop items - These errors consist of playermodel errors or gun errors 1. Click the link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096481458 2. Click the green plus icons on each item 3. Wait for them to download and restart your game (you need your game open for them to download)   Always remember to restart your game!
    • Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden
    • Daily reward - Already been suggested, but a small reward would draw more people to visit everyday Steam group reward - A reward of something like 10 points to get people more involved with the community and would help advertise the community (would be on peoples steam profile) Forum sign up reward - Also to get people involved in the community, people should get a 10 coin reward to sign up on the forums with thir steam account   
    • Then we will look into this and make sure it's fixed with next update (: Could you explain to me why the logs in the report system is clumsy/untidy? I would actually say the logs in the report system work better than bLogs. All you can see is the logs involving the reporter/offender so you don't have to go through a full list of logs. Ofcourse every system can be improved so if there are log types or other changes you would like to see feel free to post them in a suggestion.   Edit: ForbiddenQuantum is tasked with making sure the reporting sytem and most importantly the log system is working for everybody. Please contact him directly if you encounter any issues (:
    • - I don't think the damage and kill logs work that well. The damage logs are just empty or atleast when I try to use it.
      The kill logs only work for the offender. For the victim they are empty. Atleast whenever I look at it. 1) The logs with the report system are clumsy, untidy and don't work as well as bLogs did.
      2) The command to use the console logs is unnecessarily complicated and much less efficient than bLogs was.
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