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  3. Texture Issues

    CSS Textures - These errors consist of map errors 1. You need to obtain the Counter Strike Source textures (buy CSS) or search for the files on google ('Garrysmod CSS Files') 2. Once you have the file, extract it using winrar (or a different zip extractor) 3. Go to your steam library 4. Right click on Garry's Mod and click 'Properties' 5. Now click 'Local files' and proceed by clicking 'Browse local files' 6. Double click on the 'garrysmod' folder 7. Now double click on the 'addons' folder 8. Drag the extracted 'css_content_addon_apr2016' file into the addons folder 9. Restart your game if you have it open Workshop items - These errors consist of playermodel errors or gun errors 1. Click the link - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096481458 2. Click the green plus icons on each item 3. Wait for them to download and restart your game (you need your game open for them to download) Always remember to restart your game!
  4. Rule Suggestions

    Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden
  5. Rewards

    Daily reward - Already been suggested, but a small reward would draw more people to visit everyday Steam group reward - A reward of something like 10 points to get people more involved with the community and would help advertise the community (would be on peoples steam profile) Forum sign up reward - Also to get people involved in the community, people should get a 10 coin reward to sign up on the forums with thir steam account
  6. Logs

    Then we will look into this and make sure it's fixed with next update (: Could you explain to me why the logs in the report system is clumsy/untidy? I would actually say the logs in the report system work better than bLogs. All you can see is the logs involving the reporter/offender so you don't have to go through a full list of logs. Ofcourse every system can be improved so if there are log types or other changes you would like to see feel free to post them in a suggestion. Edit: ForbiddenQuantum is tasked with making sure the reporting sytem and most importantly the log system is working for everybody. Please contact him directly if you encounter any issues (:
  7. Logs

    - I don't think the damage and kill logs work that well. The damage logs are just empty or atleast when I try to use it. The kill logs only work for the offender. For the victim they are empty. Atleast whenever I look at it. 1) The logs with the report system are clumsy, untidy and don't work as well as bLogs did. 2) The command to use the console logs is unnecessarily complicated and much less efficient than bLogs was.
  8. Pointshop Suggestions.

    +1 -1 for small player models
  9. Pointshop Suggestions.

    Playermodels: Dobby Dobby 2 Lord Voldemort Dumbledore Lucario Gnome Chompski (For the ones who love the small playermodels) Friday the 13th - Savini Jason Pauline Red Red 2 Undertale Undertale Red May Pokémon Olaf DC Deathstroke Stan Lee The Walking Dead Clementine Iron man Gandalf Mr. Meeseeks Star Wars Master Yoda Star Wars Darth Vader Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Star Wars Darth Maul Toy Story Woody Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Bowser Cat Bowser Yoshi Mardoka Playermodel Luigi Peach Toad Dr.Mario League of Legends Jhin Shrek Swampert Sceptile Pedobear Hats: Clementine's Hat Mario's Cap Mario's Cap (Super Mario Odyssey) Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen's Hat Pirate Hat Gun: Nyan gun (Why not )
  10. Logs

    Logs are with the reports though? If you encounter bugs you can post them on here. What bothers you about the console logs?
  11. Rule Suggestions

    Both rules accepted. 3.13 Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. 1.8 Advertising is not permitted.
  12. Logs

    I would like to see some form of logs that does not require the usage of the console, such as in legacy apex the Jailbreak server used blogs with great success. It would be handy if you could just search up the name of the victim or offender. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/1599/billys-logs-revamped-blogs-logging-system
  13. Rule Suggestions

    You must not shoot through cell walls - To prevent RDM on execution days ect... guards must not shoot through cell walls Advertising - Obvious rule but might be worth adding
  14. Rule Suggestions

    Rule Suggestions This topic is for rule suggestions and so should be used if you: Would like to see a new rule added Would like to see an existing rule removed Would like to see an existing rule edited Please comment below specifying with as much detail as possible in your rule suggestion using the template below: Rule: Explanation: Why I feel this rule should be added: Suggestions Healing in LR's - Heard a lot of people talking about if it is a rule or not - I think it should be a rule to stop unfair advantages Guards may not open cells before 9 - To allow people to claim warden Accepted Guards cannot wallbang through the cell dividers. Advertising is not allowed.
  15. Suggestions

    The managers are able to view this through the portal. We will be working on adding the personal messages to the report logs. This way staff can only see personal messages if someone gets reported. Muting should block people from using psay (!p <name> <message>) with next update. Topic locked.
  16. Making it better 102

    Added with next update. Closed topic.
  17. daily reward?

    I think it would be good if we did a daily reward kind of thing where if you play every day you get points or something like that like we used to do with the calendar also i think it would be good to if donators maybe could instead of vip or whatever they donate they could have a name of their choosing.
  18. Pointshop Suggestions #1

    Thank for all your suggestions, we'll have a look through them at some point.
  19. Small Issue

    Thank you for you suggestions/report, regarding the points: - The first point has been noted and is being looked into. - We believe this would be a nice idea, and so will also be looked into and hopefully added.
  20. Suggestions / Bugs

    Thanks for all these further points don't worry about the nagging/etc they help for us to further better the server, regarding them this is what we've come to after some discussion: - Ammo crates not working has been noted and hopefully we'll have a solution for this issue implemented in the future. - Thanks for informing us about this issue, this has been noted down and hopefully will be able to be sorted. - If possible we'll try to fix this issue so that they are visible. - We haven't had complaints recently regarding downloading the guns when loading in so it appears to be fixed (correct me if we're wrong) - Due to spam reasons we do not plan to change this in the nearby future. - We'll most likely start looking into possible more additions to the pointshop to allow for more customisability. - We don't have plans to remove them in the nearby future, in reality people/things come in all shapes and sizes. - This has been noted I believe and hopefully will be fixed in the nearby future. Regarding the comments on rules, a new topic will be created soon for this purpose. (:
  21. Suggestions

    An update: With regards to these points, we're working on ways to combat these issues you've brought up and hopefully will be able to address these in the future.
  22. Strafing

    After a discussion on this point, we don't feel a need for bhoping in jailbreak as a gamemode and so this is denied.
  23. 1 more thing

    We'll look into the possibilities if it's possible to fix the issue of being unable to spectate different people (we're assuming that's what you're getting at).
  24. Multiple Suggestions

    An update: 1. New guns are in (: 2. We had a trial of Lego previously, there are plans to fully put in new maps in the future. 3+4. After further discussion we decided to not do this, as it makes it more likely for everyone to see no point in obeying the warden and instead rebelling and trying to kill the wardens simply for points + makes it more likely for guards to try and RDM to get points and people would be able to possibly farm points when few/no players are on. 7. It's something that has been discussed but we have been unable to come to a consensus on, it is still being considered though. 8. For the time being this isn't being implemented. 11. There are no crosshairs with the new guns so there is no need for this.
  25. Making it better 102

    An update: 2. From a discussion we agree this would be a nice idea and so will be added to a list of things to be worked on and hopefully appear in a future update.
  26. Suggestions/Clarifications

    An update on these: 1. There is now a /me command in game. 2. We agree this should be a thing and so has been added to a list of things to be worked on.
  27. Can You add a prisoner Mute

    Denied: After discussion, we don't feel a need for this at this point in time essentially if any of the prisoners are talking too much/mic spamming the staff can simply mute them, if we are understanding what you're saying correctly.
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